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I would like to recommend to you a new version of my favorite browser Opera 10. Here you can download Opera 10.

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New Peregrine build

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: it contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

What's new?

This time around there are lots of fixes all over. Some things are work in progress, such as the spell checking feature (see the changelog).

Mail database corruption check

In this build, Opera will also check the mail database for corruption on startup. If one of the files is found to be not consistent, Opera will try to recover that file. You can find information about how the process went in the recovery.log file in the mail folder. At the moment, this consistency check happens on every startup, and will delay the startup a bit. This is going to be improved in future builds, and the consistency check will likely happen for every update or on a monthly schedule.

Known issues

  • Sending private messages at Facebook doesn't work
  • Comments at overlap
  • Spelling checker isn't working for some users
  • If the Opera Mail lexicon is corrupt, it isn't correctly recovered
  • The names in the online feed dropdown are not showing correctly in the feed preview page

General changelog
  • Core fixes (including fixes for getElementsByClassName, which should now work with multiple classes in className)
  • Regex \b is now correctly not matching the point between a letter and underscore
  • Several autoupdate fixes (disabling it should work now)
  • Several stability fixes
  • Fixed Facebook chat
  • Some UI cleanup and polishing (moved "Remove From Toolbar" and other toolbar customization options into a submenu, added the ability to reset toolbar customization, and the mail spinner should look better)
  • Fixed search field crash
  • Added more online feed readers to the feed preview page

  • Mails can now have horizontal scrollbars
  • Fixes to mail compose - and adding links to HTML mails should now work fine
  • Added a recovery mechanism for corrupt mail databases
  • Fixed feed progress stuck on non-existent resources
  • Attachments in multipart/mixed part of multipart/alternative mail are now correctly displayed

  • Fixes for font fallback problems, particularly for those using Russian as their default language in Windows

  • Fixed painting of windowless plugins
  • Java now works again!

  • Fixed position of plugin windows
  • Fixed crash on startup in Mac OS X 10.4
  • New Dock menu items

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Macintosh (Universal)

Macintosh (Intel-only)


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