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I would like to recommend to you a new version of my favorite browser Opera 10. Here you can download Opera 10.

If you like the browser Opera 10 and would like to recommend it to friends, put on your site button "Get Opera10".

Download Opera 10 Beta 1

Download Opera 10 Beta 1 for Windows

Download Opera 10 Beta 1 for Mac

Download Opera 10 Beta 1 for Linux

As always we have some new goodies for you, things you have not seen in previous snapshots.
Because I've had a finger or two into making these features I will present them for you and explain a little bit how they work.

Visual Tabs - oh shiny!

Yes, we have added thumbnails on the tabs themselves to make it even easier to find that Web site you were looking for. These visual tabs are currently folded away by default, but can easily be enabled by dragging the drag handle available just beneath the tab bar.

Double-clicking or middle-clicking the same drag handle will show/hide the tab thumbnails.

Speed Dial - more shiny!

Two popular requests for Speed Dial has been to be able to use more than 9 configured sites. We've also seen frequent requests to be able to have a customized Speed Dial background. Well, guess what?

In the bottom right of the Speed Dial you now have a new Configure Speed Dial button that opens a brand new configuration dialog.

With this new configuration dialog, you will be able to set a background picture that can be stretched, centered or tiled. It is also possible to set the number of sites that should be shown, ranging from 4 to 25.

More new features

If the last version of Opera you tested was 9.6 or the alpha from last year, here are some of the additional features in Opera 10 beta 1:

  • Opera Turbo
  • Automatic updates
  • Crash logging
  • Inline spelling checker
  • 100/100 and pixel-perfect on the Acid3 test
  • Significantly improved performance, particularly on CSS/HTML rendering
  • Opera Mail HTML Compose support
  • ... and much more!

    Changes since the last snapshot

    Unix support
    On the Linux/Unix front, we are discontinuing support for builds made with gcc 2.95. Also, Sparc Solaris builds are now made on Solaris 10 (with gcc 3) - they should run on Solaris 9 as well. If these changes affect you, we'd love to hear your feedback.

    Skinning improvements
  • [DSK-253666] "new tab" button is too tall in multi-line setup
  • Partial [DSK-253753] Closed tabs icon on the right: When set to "text only", the text is nearly unreadable (partially black on black), and touches the right part of the screen)
  • [DSK-253759] Cancel button in mail panel way to unobtrusive
  • [DSK-253818] Locked tabs change size when being hovered
  • Fix for highlight of head and tail bar images
  • Fixes for the head and tail gaps in Windows Native skin
  • Fixes for pagebar head and tail icons in Windows Native skin
  • Opacity changes to Speed Dial on standard skin
  • New skin sections: "Pagebar Thumbnail Head Skin", "Pagebar Thumbnail Tail Skin", "Pagebar Thumbnail Floating Skin", "Pagebar Thumbnail Head Button Skin", "Pagebar Thumbnail Tail Button Skin", "Pagebar Thumbnail Floating Button Skin"
  • Fix for attention states on tabs
  • Updated smilies. They are now more smiley.
  • Tweaks to borders on addressbar and splitter to be consistent color
  • Tweaks to dialogs
  • Revised panel icons and buttons
  • Revised icons for mail toolbar

User Interface
  • [DSK-194184] Can't find 'show Speed Dial at startup' option)
  • [DSK-253774] Crash in action handling
  • [DSK-226623] Ctrl+Ins doesn't copy outside of edit fields
  • [DSK-253386] Crash when clicking help in startup dialog
  • [DSK-253202] Replace 'Language' with 'Dictionary' in dictionary download wizard
  • [DSK-253550] Turbo notification is cropped if the turbo icon is placed on the right of the window
  • Removing obsolete ini-entry "view hotlist"

  • [DSK-253731] Opens broken Compose Message view when creating new account

  • [CORE-21309] Full language names in spell check context menu
  • [CORE-21052] XSLT: Using keys in match expressions causes crash
  • [DSK-253743] Operator cache deleted when Opera starts
  • [DSK-251805] Hang when doubleclicking text while flash is running
  • [DSK-253773] Plug-in crash

  • [DSK-253102] Classic installer can't be used to install Opera on a limited account or Windows Vista with admin account
  • [DSK-253374] Crashes on download of file when 'Save File' dialog pops up.
  • [DSK-253884] "Debug: Elevated updater" dialog when autoupdating
  • [DSK-253888] Can't autoupdate Opera on Windows Vista

  • [DSK-252555] Opera Crashes on Startup on PowerPC
  • Correcting issue on Mac Pagebar

  • [DSK-253567] Crashes on Solaris
  • [DSK-253761] Crash in Plug-in manager

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